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    AN ACT to enable the establishment of free zones in Ghana for the
    promotion of economic development; to provide for the regulation of
    activities in free zones and for related purposes.
    ACT 504

    An ACT to enable the establishment of free zones in Ghana for the
    promotion of economic development; to provide for the regulation of
    activities in free zones and for related purposes.
    BE IT ENACTED by Parliament as follows:-
    1. There is establishment by this Act a Board to be known as the
     Free Zones Board, referred to in this Act as the “Board”.
     2. (1) The Board shall consist of –
    a. a Chairman who shall be the Minister of Trade and
    Industry; and
    b. eight other persons four of whom shall be appointed
    from the private sector.
     (2) The members of the Board shall be appointed by the
     President in consultation with the council
     of State and shall include at least two women.
     3. The functions of the Board are to-
    a. grant licenses to applicants under this Act;
    b. assist applicants for licences under this Act by providing
    services for obtaining other relevant licenses, permits and
    c. examine and recommend for approval agreements and
    treaties relating to the development and activities of the free
    d. monitor the activities, performance and development of free
    zone developers and enterprises;
    e. ensure compliance by free zone developers and
    enterprises of this Act and any other laws relevant to free zone
    f. Register and keep records and data on the programmes of
    developers, operators and enterprises in free zones;
    g. Perform such other functions as are incidental to the
    4. (1) A member of the Board other than the Chairman shall
     hold office for a term of four years and is eligible for re-
     (2) A member of the Board other than the Chairman may at
     any time resign his office in writing addressed to the
     President through the Chairman or may be removed from
     office by the President in consultation with the Council of
     State for stated reasons.
     (3) Members of the Board shall be paid such allowances as
     the Minister responsible for Finance shall determine.
    5. (1) The Board shall meet for the dispatch of business at such
     times and places as the chairman may determine but
     shall meet at least once every month.
    (2) The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Board and
    in his absence the members present shall elect one of their
    number to preside.
    (3) The quorum for a meeting of the Board shall be five of the
    (4) Questions at a meeting of the Board shall be determined by a
    majority of members present and voting and where there is
    equality of votes the person presiding shall have a casting vote.
    (5) The Board may co-opt any person to attend any of its
    meetings except that a person co-opted does not have the right to
    vote on any matter before the Board for decision.
    (6) The validity of the proceedings of the Board shall not be
    affected by a vacancy among its members or by a defect in the
    appointment of qualification of a member.
    (7) A member of the Board who has an interest in a contract
    proposed to be entered into on behalf of the Board shall disclose in writing to the Board the nature of his interest and shall be
    disqualified from participating in any deliberations of the Board in
    respect of the contract.
    (8) A member of the Board who infringes subsection (7) of this
    section is liable to be removed from the membership of the Board.
    (9) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the Board shall
    regulate the procedure for its meetings.
    6. The Board may for the discharge of its functions appoint
    committees of the Board comprising members of the Board or nonmembers
    of both and may assign to them such functions as the
    Board may determine except that a committee composed entirely of
    non- members may only advise the Board.
     7. (1) Subject to the Constitution and any other enactment in
     force relating to the acquisition of property, the
    President mayon the recommendation of the Board by notice
    published in the Commercial and Industrial Bulletin, declarea.
    any area of land or building as a free zone;
    b. any airport, river port, seaport, or lake port as a free port.
    (2) A declaration under subsection (1) of this section shall
     specify the area and the scope of activities in the free zone
     8. (1) No person shall-
     a. develop;
    b.manage; or
     c. develop and manage
    A free zone unless it is a body corporate registered under the Companies
    Codes 1963 (Act 179) or a partnership registered under the Private
    Partnership Act 1962 (Act 152).
    (2) The body corporate or partnership shall be licensed to
     develop, manage or develop and mange free zone under
     this Act.
     9. (1) Subject to the Constitution, a free zone developer may for
     purpose of its activities-
     A.. Acquire land within the area declared in respect of it; and
    B. Lease or sub-lease real property it owns, has leased or has the
    right to use, sell or lease and may sell or rent buildings to free zone enterprises.

    (2) It shall be the responsibility of a developer toa.
    construct and maintain buildings, warehouses, factory
    shells and provide or contract other persons to provide or
    contract other persons to provide utilities or services such as
    water, electric power, telecommunications and sewerage;
    b. develop all other infrastructure necessary for the
    enhancement of the efficient and effective activities of the
    zone, in accordance with any regulations made under this
    c. Provide fencing and enclosures to separate the zone from
    the national customs territory, and ensure security of the
    d. Provide and contribute to the cost of facilities for such on
    site customs services as shall be determined by the Customs,
    Excise and Preventive Services (CEPS);
    e. Undertake any investment or financial venture to facilitate
    and promote the development of the zone; and
    f. Submit, within such periods as the Board may direct,
    reports on development in the relevant zone to the Board.
     10. (1) A licensed developer may undertake or sub-contract the
     management, control and promotion of the free zone
     development in the declared area.
     (2) The developer shall apply for a license for any person to
     whom a sub-contract has been given by it under
     subsection (1)
    (3) The application for a license for a sub-contract shall be
     made to the Board and shall be accompanied with the
     executed sub-contract.
     11. Subject to the provisions of this Act any person may apply
     for a license to establish an enterprise in a free zone.
     12. (1) No person shall carry on a trade, business or industry
     within a free zone unless it is registered underA.
    The Companies Code 1963 (Act 179); or
    B. The Private Partnership Act 1962 (Act 152)
    and is the holder of a license authorizing the carrying on of that
    trade, business or industry under this Act.
     (2) A company or partnership qualified under subsection (1) and licensed under section 16 shall be referred to as a free
     zone enterprise.
     13. (1) A free zone enterprise shall have the right to produce any
     type of goods and services for export but shall not produce
     any goods that are environmentally hazardous.
     (2) A free zone enterprise shall be free toa.store,
    warehouse, pack, unpack and repack, divide, subdivide,
    group, breakdown, assemble, disassemble, bottle,
    rebottle, can, recan, decant, alter, sample, display, grade, test,
    classify, mark, manipulate, restore, join, transform, transit and
    transship, transfer, mount, refine, salvage, destroy, demolish,
    confect, label, reliable, finish, handle, mix, combine, clean,
    process and manufacture any foreign or domestic raw material,
    intermediate, semi-finished or finished goods or components for
    export or re-export;
    b. render and sell any type of information processing, computeraided
    design, computer-aided printing and publishing, software
    development-marketing and any other similar and related
    c. render and sell financial, banking, insurance,
    commercial, advisory, repair and maintenance,
    professional training and other services subject to all
    relevant laws and regulations for the time being in force;
    d. carry out any other activities relevant to its license as
    may be considered necessary by the Board.
    14. A free zone enterprise may change its production
    lines and process as often as it considers necessary
    subject to prior approval of the Board.
    15. (1) An application for a license to develop, manage or
     establish an enterprise in the free zone shall-
     a.be in writing;
    b. be submitted to the Secretariat of the Board;
    c. Specify the zone to be developed or managed or both or
    the trade, business or industry for which the license is
    required; and
    d. be accompanied with such information as the Board may
    (2) The Board shall cause response to be made to an
     application within twenty eight working days from the
     date of the receipt of the application.
    16 (1) The Board may grant a license authorizinga.
    the development or management or both of a free
    zone; or
    e. the carrying on of a trade, business or industry
     within the free zone.
     (2) No license shall be granted for the carrying on of;
     a. the business of banking, unless the applicant is
     also registered and licensed under the Banking
     Law 1989 (P.N.D.C. 225); or
    f. the business of insurance unless the applicant is
     also registered under the Insurance Law 1989
     (P.N.D.C. 227).
    (3) A license is issued under this section shall be under the
     signature of the Chairman of the Board.
    17. The Board may attach to a license such conditions as it
     thinks appropriate concerning employment skills, job
     opportunities and degree of export orientation.
    18. (1) The Board may revoke a license where it is satisfied
     that there has been a breach of condition attached
     to the license.
    (4) The Board may upon the request of the licensee
    vary at any time the conditions attached to the license,
    (5) Before revoking a license, the Board shall give
    not less than fourteen working days notice of its
    intentions to the licensee and shall consider any
    representations made to it by the licensee.
    19. (1) The Board shall establish and maintain a register of
     licenses granted under section 16 of this Act.
     (2) There shall be entered in the register in respect
    of each license:
    a. the name of the person to whom the license is
    granted; and b. the zone to be developed or managed or both
    or the trade, business or industry to which the
    license relates.
     (3)The register shall be kept by the Board and shall be open for
    inspection by the public subject to such fee as the Board may determine.
    20. No licensee shall transfer a license issued in respect of it to
     any other person without the prior approval of the Board.
    21. The laws for the time being in force relating to the
     importation and exportation of goods and services other
     than consumer goods for commercial purposes shall not
     apply to-
    (a) the bringing of goods directly from a country outside
     Ghana into a free zone; or
     (b) the dispatch of goods for export out of a free zone to a
     country outside Ghana,
     except in so far as such laws are made applicable by
     regulations made under this Act.
    22. (1) The imports of a free zone developer, sub-
     contractor or enterprise into a free zone or single-
     factory zone shall be exempt from direct and indirect
     taxes and duties.
    23. (1) The Minister may by legislative instrument authorize
     the sale of up to 30 percent of the annual production
     of goods and services of a free zone and single
     factory zone enterprise to the national customs
    (2) Sales of goods from free zone enterprises or single
    factory zones to the national customs territory shall be
    considered as imports and shall be subject to the rules and
    regulations relating to imports into the national customs
    (3) Damaged or rejected goods, or samples may be
    sold by the free zones and single-factory zones to the
    national customs territory; and such goods shall be
    considered as part of the 30 percent of annual
    production of the free zones and single-factory zones
    authorized to be sold to the national customs territory
    and as such shall be subject to the applicable duties and
    (4) An instrument issued under subsection (1) of this
    section shall provide penalties for contravention of any
    authority provided in it.
    24. (1) Sales of goods and services by a domestic
     enterprise from the national customs territory to
     enterprises in the free zone and single-factory zone
     shall be considered as exports
    (5) A domestic enterprise shall be eligible to benefit from the
    prevailing export incentives available to a national exporter and
    shall not require an export license for sale of any goods and
    services to enterprises in the free zone or single factory zone.
    (6) An enterprise in a free zone or single-factory
    zone may purchase goods and services sold by a
    domestic enterprise with local currency obtained
    through conversion of foreign currency through
    the banks and any licensed foreign exchange
    25. (1) An authorized officer of any of the Revenue
     Services member of the Police Force or an officer
     authorized by the Minister may, in the discharge of
     their official duties, at any time enter and inspect a
     free zone, buildings, aircraft, ships, boats or vehicles
     in the free zone.
    (7) an officer exercising any power of entry or inspection
    shall on request produce his authorization.
    (8) Any person who prevents or obstructs an entry
    authorized by subsection (1) of this section or attempts
    to do so, commits an offence and is liable on summary
    conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000 or its
    equivalent in cedis or imprisonment for a term not
    exceeding six months or to both.
    26. (1) The customs, Excise and Preventive Service
     shall be responsible for the control of zero-rated
    a. within a free zone;
    b. in transit between two free zones; and
    c. in transit between a free zone and a point of
    entry into or exit out of Ghana.
     (2) The Minister after consultation with the Minister responsible for
    Customs and Exercise and the Commissioner of Customs, Excise and
    Preventive Service may be legislative instrument make regulations
    a. adopting or modifying for the purposes of this Act any of
    the regulations relating to customs operations;
    b. governing the movement of persons, vehicles or goods
    into and out of a free zone, from and out to other parts of the
    customs territory;
    c. covering the keeping, storage and handling of goods in
    free zones;
    d. covering the keeping and preserving of accounts and
    records in a specified form in respect of goods in free
    zones; and
    e. relating to the provision of security by bond or otherwise
    on goods in transit between free zones and points of entry
    and exit from and to other countries.
    27. Where goods stored in a free zone are found to be missing without
    an acceptable explanation, the Commissioner may request the licensee
    to pay the duty on the goods at the rate in force at the time in addition to
    any penalty which may be imposed by the Commissioner.

    28. (1) Free zone developers and enterprises granted licenses
     under this Act shall be exempted from the payment of
     income tax on profits for the first ten years from the date
     of commencement of operation.
    (2) The income tax rate after ten years shall not exceed a
    maximum of 8 per cent.
    (3) A shareholder shall be exempted from the payment of
    withholding taxes on dividends arising out of free zone
    29. (1) A foreign investor may take and hold a maximum of 100
     per cent of the shares in any free zone enterprise.
    (4) A domestic investor may take and hold a maximum of 100
    per cent of the shares in any free zone enterprise.
    (5) Foreign and domestic investors shall have equal status
    within the export free zones.
    30. Subject to this section any enterprise in free zone shall be
     guaranteed unconditional transfer through any authorized
     dealer bank in free convertible currency of: -
    a. dividends or net profits attributable to the
    b. payments in respect of loans servicing where
    a foreign loan has been obtained;
    c. fees and charges in respect of any
    technology transfer agreement; and
    d. the remittance of proceeds (net of all taxes
    and other obligations) in the event of sale or
    liquidation of the enterprise or any interest
    attributable to the investment.
    31. (1) No enterprise in a free zone shall be nationalized or expropriated by Government and no person who
     owns, whether wholly or in part, the capital of an
     enterprise shall be compelled by law to cede his
     interest in the capital to any other person.
    (2)There shall not be any acquisition of an enterprise to which this
    Act applies by the state unless the acquisition is in the national
    interest or for a public purpose and under a law which makes
    provision for
    a.Payment of fair and adequate compensation; and
    e. A right of access to the High Court for the
    determination of the investor’s interest or right
    and the amount of compensation to which he is
    (3)any compensation payable under this section shall be paid
    without undue delay and authorization for its repatriation in
    convertible currency, where applicable, shall be issued.
    32. (1) Where a dispute arises between a licensee in a free
     zone and the Government in respect of any activities
     in the free zone, all efforts shall be made through
     mutual; discussion to reach an amicable settlement.
    (2)Any dispute between a licensee and the Government in respect of
    any activities in a free zone which is not amicably settled through
    mutual discussions may be submitted at the option of the aggrieved
    party to arbitration as followsf.
    in accordance with the rules of procedure for
    arbitration of the United Nations Commission of
    International Trade Law; or
    g. in the case of a foreign investor, within the
    framework of any bilateral or multilateral
    agreement on investment protection to which the
    Government and the country of which the investor
    is a national are parties; or
    h. in accordance with any other national or
    international machinery for the settlement of
    investment disputes agreed to by the parties.
    (3)Where in respect of any dispute, there is disagreement between
    the license and the Government as to the method of dispute
    settlement to be adopted; the choice of the license shall prevail.
    33. (1) Each free zone enterprise shall be permitted to
     operate a foreign currency account with banks in
    (2) The terms and conditions under which the accounts shall
    be operated shall be set out in the license granted under
    section 16 of this Act.
    (3) The Central Bank shall be consulted by the Board on the
    terns and conditions referred to in subsection (2) of this
    34. (1) Free zone developers and enterprises shall be free
     to negotiate and establish contracts of employment
     with employees that include wage scales, minimum
     working hours, employee suspension and dismissal,
     settlement of disputes arising between employers
     and employees, and other such terms of employment
     as shall be consistent with I.L.O. Conventions on
     workers rights and conditions of service.
    (2) Work and resident permits shall be required for any
    foreign national who wishes to live in Ghana and work in a
    free zone.
    (3) Application for work and resident permits for foreign
    employees of free zone enterprises shall be submitted
    to the Board, which shall take the necessary action in
    consultation with the Immigrations Service.
    (4) Subject to the existence of a double taxation
    agreement between the Government of Ghana and the
    Government of the foreign employee, the foreign
    employee shall be totally exempt from payment of
    income tax to the Government of Ghana on income
    earned in the free zone during the period valid except
    that he employee shall be liable of income tax in his
    home country.
    35. (1) The Board shall issue identity card to all employees of licensed operators in a free zone.
    (2) A person who enters or leaves a free zone may be subject
    to inspection by any person authorized by the Board to do so.
    (3) A person who obstructs or prevents any person
    authorized by the Board in performance of his functions
    under subsection (2) of this section commits an offence and
    is liable on summary convicted to a fine not exceeding
    $500.00 or its equivalent cedis or to imprisonment for a
    term not exceeding six months or to both.
    36. (1) The Board shall have a Secretariat.
    (2) The Minister for Trade and Industry shall assign to the
    Secretariat of the Board such public officers as the Board
    may require for the implementation of its functions.
    (3) The Ministry may by legislative instrument make
    regulations on the functions of the Secretariat.
    37. There shall be provided to the Board by Parliament such
     monies as it may require to meet its expenditure.
    38. The Minister shall submit to Parliament as soon as practicable
     and in any event not more than six months after the end of
     each financial year a report dealing generally with the activities
    of the Board during the financial year to which the report relates.
    39 (1) Where an offence is committed under this Act, regulations
     made under this Act or any other law by a body of persons:-
    a. Where the body of persons is a body
    corporate every director and officer of the body
    corporate shall be deemed to be guilty of the
    offence; and
    b. Where the body of persons is a firm or
    partnership every partnership shall be considered
    to be guilty of the offence.
    (2) A person shall not be guilty of an offence by virtue of this
    section if he proves that the act constituting the offence was
    committed by a person other than himself and without his knowledge
    or connivance and that he exercised all due diligence to prevent the
    commission of the offence having regard to all the circumstances.
    40. A person who:-
    a. in contravention of any provision of this Act carries
    or attempts to carry anything into or out of a free zone;
    b. conceals anything with intent to illegally carry it into
    or out of a free zone,
    Commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment of not less
    than three months or more than five years.
    41. (1) The Minister may make regulations for the effective
     implementation of this Act including regulations
     which exempt licensed enterprises from the
     provisions of existing laws and regulations.
    (2) Regulations may provide for offences and prescribe
    penalties for contravention which shall not exceed a fine of ¢2
    million or imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months
    or both.
    42. The Ghana Industrial Free Zone authority Decree 1979
    (S.M.C.D. 157) is hereby repealed.
    43. In this Act unless the context otherwise requires:-
    “Centre” means the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre;
     “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Customs,
    Excise and Preventive Service;
     “enterprise” means an industry, project, undertaking
     or business for commercial purposes or any part
     of it;
     “free zone” means an area or building declared as a free
     zone by publication in the Commercial and Industrial
     Bulletin and includes single factory zones, free port, free
     airport, free river or lake port;
    “developer” means a person who acquires a free zone area and
    is licensed for its use or uses it for operations allowed under this
    Act or rents or sells it or provides services to enterprises which wish to carry on or are carrying on business within the zone and
    includes agents or sub contractors of the developers;
    “domestic enterprise” means an enterprise incorporated in Ghana
    and operating outside a free zone;
    “goods” include both animate and inanimate thing;
    “importer” and “exporter” means respectively owner or
    person for the time being in possession of or beneficially
    interested in any goods at the time of the importation or
    “Minister” means the Minister responsible for Trade and industry;
    “single factory zone” means a factory or building declared as a
    free zone;
    “national exporter” means any exporter other than a free zone
    “Revenue Services” means the Customs, Excise and Preventive
    Service ad the Internal Revenue Service.





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